sunshine, no shade II


reminding myself to be mindful (lol) of when I am the source of negative energy. it ain’t always other people. when a queen is slipping she thanks those who help to adjust her crown. she does not meet them with anger or hostility, especially if they have in heart her best interest. receive your lessons […]


sunshine, no shade + lonely or just alone


I just found the chopped and screwed version of Ty Dolla Sign’s Don’t Judge Me on Soundcloud. It has been on repeat. as much as i despise half of what this guy is talking about i love his music. Same goes for Future- who is featured on that track. it’s definitely lower chakra shit but […]




when you know something you can begin to understand how and why it works. when you understand something you can consciously rather than obliviously manipulate it. You choose wether to manipulate on good terms or bad. choose wisely.